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Saturday, March 5, 2016

Finding Reviewers!

I found this article and thought it might be worth a read for more of us so I reposted it here. It is originally from: Helping Writers Become Authors

15 Places to Find Your Next Beta Reader

15 Places to Find Your Next Beta ReaderWhere can I find a beta reader or critique partner?Without doubt, that’s the secondmost frequent question I receive from writers (right after where do I find a good editor?).
This can be a tough question to answer for the simple reason that a beta reader or critique partner isn’t someone you simply vet and hire, like you would a freelance editor. Rather, this is (ideally) a relationship you build, just as you would build any important friendship.

7 Things to Look for in a Beta Reader

There are several keys to finding the right beta reader (and it is important to find the right one). You want someone who:
1. Enjoys your genre.
2. Understands your intentions for your stories.
3. Likes your stories, in general.
4. Isn’t afraid to tell you what isn’t working.
5. Is an experienced reader and/or writer (both bring important insights to the table).
6. Is reliable and trustworthy.
7. You like–and who likes you in return.
In short, when you’re looking for beta readers, what you’re really looking for is “your kind of people.”

How to Find a Great Beta Reader

Where do you look for these peeps? Local writing groups sometimes offer possibilities. But the Internet is by far your greatest beta reader resource.
Honestly, my best advice is to simply go where writers go (Twitter, Facebook, writing blogs, writing forums) and start making connections. When you find someone who you feel will be a good fit, offer to trade critiques. Eventually, the right person or people will rise to the top (and when they do, make sure you treat them right).
Still, that’s not the kind of answer most writers want. It is, after all, kinda vague–and there’s a lot of time and a little bit of luck involved. So I decided to take this whole game up a notch. I conducted an informal poll (via my daily Writing Question of the Day–#WQOTD–on Facebook and Twitter)