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Thursday, September 1, 2016


As I sit here I know that I should be writing on my book.  Problem is that the characters are relatively happy at this point in the book and as I write suspense/thriller/action stories they soon won't be.  They are in no hurry for me to get back to the story line.  In fact, when I do one of them is sure to get a chewing out from their superiors and no one wants that to happen.  So here I sit with nothing to do until I can figure out how to get back to my book.
What is really on my mind right now is well written books and TV shows.  My favorite show is NCIS and even though I would not have wanted a character change on the show I applaud the writers on how they did it.  In fact is was one of the best character changes that I have ever seen.  Tony (Michael Weatherly), an original character and until now one we would think was essential, left the show to pursue new adventures.  Most of the time this never goes well but thanks to the wonderful writers of NCIS it was not only smooth but welcomed on some level by all the views.  Now as the new season is about to begin we get to see what the writers have in store for us now.  With such a talented team it is exciting to find out.
Now on to another TV series that the writers need to up their game.  Don't get me wrong, I love the Big Bang Theory and it is my go to for reruns.  Last year the beginning of the season seemed to lack some zest that it has always had.  As the season went on it got better.  I attributed this to the move for football and them being distracted by the games.  Hopefully this year they will do a better job at the beginning of the season, there are still so many more ideas they could explore here as geeks are always a fountain of ideas.
Now for books.   I have been reading a bunch of different authors, some romance authors.  Without mentioning names I would like to say that repeating the same things over and over again just won't make us believe it.  I even went back and tried to read an unnamed gray book again.  Not that I don't like a little 'fun' in the books I read but this one seemed to be centered around the 'fun' and not the storyline.  For me I need a good storyline, a believable one, not just 'fun'.  Well to say the least I didn't get through it again and have now picked up one of my favorite authors.  One who can weave a complicated story and have a little 'fun' with it that is relevant to the story, and not just the story.  Linda Howard is always a good choice for this type of read.  Right now I am reading her story Burn and feel a little less dirty.
Well now that you know how my September is stacking up, tell me more about yours!