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Thursday, September 28, 2017

Espionage and Eggs - Part 3

"I am trouble babe," he was about to turn the tables on her when he heard the alarm on his vest beep signaling that he was now out of the game.  She hadn’t even given him a chance to fight back, and how did she get two weapons?
"Sorry about that, but," and this time she backed away before she finished, leaving the area on his neck chilled by her absence, "I play for keeps."  She moved off as Ward turned to look at her.  Without even a glance in his direction she continued, “By the way, I hate,” and she stressed the word hate, “being called babe.” 
Knowing that he was watching her, intently, she deliberately stopped before entering the building to formally retrieve the envelope and as she glanced over her shoulder she smiled, at least he thought he could safely call it that.  Her mouth was curved upwards in what could be interpreted as a smile but her eyes said something completely different; not bad but tempting.  He wasn't sure what it all meant, but he knew that he was even more intent on finding out now.  Game on.
Ward leaned back against the shed to think.  He was waiting on his team.  Jan had left for the barracks; she must have because he felt cold and empty like some important fluid had been drained from his body; a strange feeling for him.
"That chick's a witch," Bobby had walked up to him.  Once the last of the team had been shot down the game was over and they were free to move away from the area that they had been killed.
"She does have some wicked skills," he couldn't help but smile as he said this, “Used your dead weapon to trick me.”  He looked in the direction she would have had to go, but she wasn’t there.
"Something you want to share bro?"  Bobby had noticed Ward's expression as well as his well-guarded thoughts and knew something was up. 
“Not yet,” they started to move toward the barracks once Jordon had caught up with them.
Bobby and Jordon had made it back faster than Ward to the barracks to get cleaned up.  Bobby had noticed that Ward was dropping farther and farther back when they had been walking.  He had tried to talk to him, but Ward didn’t answer and he couldn’t be read.  He felt Ward’s energy enter and waited until he was within earshot.  Bobby had waited in the shadows outside and watched what Ward was doing.  Once Ward was inside it took him very little time to strip off his once black pants and shirt and let them fall on the floor.  He was looking forward to washing off the layers of mud that had dried on his skin.  But he had had time to think about things while he waited for Ward to go inside and the more he thought about it the more upset he was that a girl had bested them all. 

“Damn.  What in the hell was that?”  Bobby said in anger, not really expecting an answer.  He was just walking into the shower stall in the men's locker room next to Ward.  Ward had already thrown off his mud-encrusted clothes and gone into the showers to try and remove the layers that still clung to him.  Ward had trained with these men before and their reaction to the mini training mission they had just been on was interesting.  “Is she some sort of freak?”  Bobby continued as the spray hit him and the mud began to puddle at the base of the stall.“They said she was good when we set up the training mission,” Ward put his head under the water and closed his eyes.  He had been planning this since he had put in for a transfer to the Phoenix office.  Part of it had been curiosity, part of it just another way to meet up with her again, but he hadn’t bothered to tell Bobby, his best friend or, that.  Closing his eyes and placing his face back under the water he could clearly picture her.  He couldn't help but smile at the outcome of this training session.  It didn’t surprise him that he had a good helping of admiration for her either.  She had beaten them thoroughly.  Her performance during the training session had not been anything less than extraordinary.  Nothing he hadn't expected after he had looked at her file, after all they were PED agents.  They were well trained in all types of areas to make them virtually unstoppable. No one could yet beat her time in assembling a firearm in pitch-blackness.  It was pure pleasure to mentally watch as she moved through terrain that was best left to swamp creatures.  She then switched her weapon under live fire.  She had allowed him to watch all of this through her mind.  It was only toward the end when they had tried to block each other that the true strength of her talents had shined.  She had been the only mind reader he had ever met that could pick off a trained blocker in pitch-blackness.  He was hoping he would get a chance to ask her about that.

Sunday, September 24, 2017

Espionage and Eggs - Part 2

He, Agent Ward Lowe, had set this up well.  Although he couldn't have arranged the weather, it had been perfect.  He had made the conditions for all of them difficult and thus they had had to rely on their special talents.  Ward had wanted to know as much as he could about her and her skill set as possible and the records never listed it all.  He had heard the familiar ting of one of his teammates going down.  How Jan had been able to tag those two he had no clue.  He had handpicked the people for this training mission. 
Agent Jordon Ryce had been an agent that had moved back and forth from training new agents to working in the field.  He hadn't trained Jan which had made him a good choice.  Ward had also picked Agent Bobby Malone, a person who he trusted with his life and the person she had just knocked out of the game.  Bobby had entered basic training the same time as Ward had.  They had developed a solid friendship that had only grown stronger once in the field.  They had relied on each other during operations and their handlers were good friends as well. 
They had become his family, the only family he had really known and could count on.  The department had had an easy time with him.  They hadn't even had to start the separation process with him.  He had already distanced himself from what family he had left so to sign on meant getting a family back to him.  Only this time it was with people whom he could count on.  His job had become his family, and he liked it that way. 
The silence of the night swallowed him up as he waited for her to approach the shed.  Bobby had gone back and looked for what clues he could get from Jordan.  What Ward had read from Bobby's mind had almost made him laugh.  Jordan had sat stone-faced on the ground as Bobby walked around him.  Rules of the game and all.  But he had let a little slip from his thoughts and even though it wasn't kosher, Bobby had read it.  When he passed it on to Ward it had been very short and not so sweet, Jordan's pissed.  Ward could imagine.  It was his job to train and he had been the first one down.  Still it hadn't taken her too long to take out Bobby either.  They had only been out here for three hours and she had knocked out two of them.  He wasn't sure what he should be prepared for.  His eyes scanned the area, what he could see of it in the dark.  More importantly his mind looked for any energy signatures that would signal someone approaching.  Even blocked he might be able to pick her out if he tried.  God knew he hadn't been able to get her out of his thoughts since the first time he had seen her.  He had been vulnerable then and he had at first thought it was that.  A month later he had a hard time explaining it to himself as to why he couldn't seem to get her out of his head.  That was why he had set this up.  He was either going to expel the demon or. . .  Suddenly his thoughts were interrupted as he felt his skin begin to warm, his breath quickened, and the cold steal at the back of his neck.
"Nice to meet you Agent Ward."  Her voice brushed across the skin on his neck like a sultry ocean breeze on a tropical island and it set fire to the places it touched on his skin.
"It's good to meet you too," he whispered as he tried to figure out why he was reacting to her like this.  It was poor form for her to put the weapon to his neck.  The shot couldn’t register there and there would be no way to win the game.  Too many scenarios played out in his mind, especially the hand-to-hand combat ones.  He wasn’t sure what her game was but he would be playing along for a while.

"Looks like you're in trouble here," Jan could tell that his heart rate was up, his breathing was faster, and that he wasn’t the only one affected by her being this close.  Her senses were running on overload as well.  She wasn’t naive about men and relationships, short term ones that is, but this man had put her nerve endings on overload since the first time she had seen him.  Now with him this close it was both scary and addictive.  He wasn’t like any other reader she had worked with before.  Then again she hadn’t ever been attracted to any other reader before.  Long-term relationships were strictly taboo in their department, but short term ones were another story and this one might just be worth it.

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Espionage and Eggs - Part 1

It was just past three in the morning and there she was in the mud and muck.  She lay without moving and barely breathing, hoping that they wouldn’t find her.  Luck had been on her side.  No moon, and it was raining, but luck wasn’t all she had relied on.   She tried not to think of the thing that was slithering across her legs at this very moment.  How she wished for her ocean and all the simple pleasures of floating and gliding through the water that was so foreign to this area.  Her mind snapped back to the task at hand when she felt more than heard the man in front of her move.  One twitch, one stray breath and she would be dead.  Game over, and it was far from over.  Her target may be inside that shed, but her motives lay just outside of it.  This one was close, too close.  She had to focus on her goal.  She was almost to the shed, and once in she would have her prize, but until she could get around the last two men, she wouldn’t be any closer to winning than she was now.  And this was all about winning.
She had already killed one of the three tonight.  Clean shot, almost too easy.  He hadn’t even seen her.  The click had given her away though and she had to leave the area making more noise than she had planned.  That was why she was now wallowing in the mud as one of them walked past her with only inches to spare.  He had been able to trail her this far, but not much longer.  She had the upper hand on these guys, all except for one.
A swamp creature she was not.  In fact she hated dirt, too many stints in the desert and too little time in the water.  She loved the water and wondered how these three would have done in an element she was more at home in.  A snap brought her instantly back to reality.  Not meaning to, her hunter had stepped on the twig right above her head.  Even though he thought it hadn’t been heard, he couldn’t have been more wrong. One, two, three steps past her, she rolled and without even putting the sight up to her eye she shot again taking out the second target with the click sounding too late for him to do anything about it, thus leaving her only one man to deal with.  On that thought she smiled as she stood up and revealed herself to the man cussing up a blue streak.
         “Son of a …” she didn’t listen to the rest of his tirade as he sat down on the ground and she held out her hand.  Unwillingly he shook it.
“Now, now,” she gave him a pat on the head, “Nobody likes a sore loser.”  Putting out her hand he placed his now useless weapon in her hands.  She knew that all of his communication equipment had been shut off, but the problem was that didn’t keep him from communicating with the others.  They all worked for a little known governmental department known as the Paranormal Enforcement Department, or ‘PED’ for short. In the department it was their job to provide protection, detection, and deception. Jan, as well as the others here, were part of a grand experiment discovered through bogus psychology experiments in college used to identify those whom they, the government, thought might have what it took to read minds.  Once confirmed and their skills developed, they were drafted into a lifetime of service for the department.  They no longer existed to family and long time friends.  They had become the secret weapon, and they had given their lives to being just that.

“One more to go,” she all but whispered to the man on the ground as she slipped away.  The training mission may have been what she was supposed to put her efforts toward, but it was the man who had set up the mission that intrigued her.  Jan would win; she would get the fake documents and make it to the drop point but it wasn't the mission she was really on.  Jan planned on the mission she had in mind.  The one that had peaked her interest too many months ago and still held something unspoken and unnamed for her to discover.  Jan's mission was the one man she hadn't yet caught.  But she wasn't sure what the outcome of that mission would be.

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

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Espionage and Eggs
A short story by Annay Dawson

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