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Thursday, January 12, 2017

Novel Ideas - Part 2

I'd like to share the next part to the story that I found:

“Glad to see that you have arrived,” Ward turned to face the door just before his roommate entered.  He was still getting used to the idea that these ‘sixth-senses’ as he called them could be, and would be, developed further.  He still had is doubts about their motives he had spent most of his life suspicious what others had wanted or told him.  The research they had showed him had been impressive, but then again reality was always a downer.  The man that came in the door was about his age with his dark hair cut almost army close with that All-American look in contrast to Ward’s brown hair and simple cut.  He was also about two inches taller than Ward.  His clothes showed that he could and had afforded more than the three other men that had been with Ward in the van. 
“Nice to meet you,” and Ward trailed off as he extended his hand.  The other man’s grin widened.
“Careful, they’ll like that,” and he shook Ward’s hand, “Name’s Robert B. Malone, but most people call me Bobby.”
“To answer your questions, I’ve only been here a couple of days and yes they can deliver what they promise I believe,” Bobby’s talents seemed to more advanced than Ward would have guessed.  “By the way, no trick there.  That’s what they brought us here to do right?  We are supposed to be able to learn how to read other’s minds and thoughts.  There most intimate feelings and yet not be able to be caught at it.  We aren’t going to be just normal spies, we will become super spies.”
“I take it you like to talk?”  Ward turned and started to store his gear.

“Not really, but it looks as if you could use a friend,” Bobby flopped down on his bed and stared at the ceiling gently move with the wind.  They didn’t have much more time as the speakers went off and they were off to orientation and training right away.

Thursday, January 5, 2017

Happy New Year!

New Year is a time for putting everything in order and looking at what we have done and what we want to do.  Well as I was cleaning out my Google drive I found a bunch of unpublished work.  It was cool to read some of it and then...I had an idea.  Why don't I start putting some of it up here and let all of you have a peek at it. The Good. The Bad. And with any luck, not the ugly.

He threw his duffle on the cot to the right of the door.  When he had finally signed the papers with his government handler to be in this specialized unit he had had no idea he had signed up for summer camp.  In truth though, it looked more like a make shift army camp, well camouflaged, out in the middle of nowhere. Taking a closer look at his surroundings he noticed that the tents were permanent, something that surprised him.  Obviously they used this place more than it would first appear.  It would also be easy to move if discovered and considering what they were training to do it might be a high risk if they settled anywhere too long.  Welcome to training.  At least he would only have one tent-mate it looked like.  The other bunk looked like it had already been slept in and the duffle had been stored in the corner at the foot of the bed.  Nothing had really been unpacked from it; there was no place to unpack too.  Normally Ward liked camping and being away from people but this was proving to be very different.  He had just completed his medical training and was supposed to be starting his residency but that wasn’t what a couple of his instructors had planned.  Looking back, Ward saw that these men had started grooming him for this job two years ago.  It didn’t matter to him though, he had no one to answer too and no one he wanted to ever see again.  This government gig seemed to be the answer to his financial problems as well.  All of his college debts, and they were deep, had been forgiven.  In a way it was like being owned by the same government that had given him all the debt as well.