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Sunday, September 24, 2017

Espionage and Eggs - Part 2

He, Agent Ward Lowe, had set this up well.  Although he couldn't have arranged the weather, it had been perfect.  He had made the conditions for all of them difficult and thus they had had to rely on their special talents.  Ward had wanted to know as much as he could about her and her skill set as possible and the records never listed it all.  He had heard the familiar ting of one of his teammates going down.  How Jan had been able to tag those two he had no clue.  He had handpicked the people for this training mission. 
Agent Jordon Ryce had been an agent that had moved back and forth from training new agents to working in the field.  He hadn't trained Jan which had made him a good choice.  Ward had also picked Agent Bobby Malone, a person who he trusted with his life and the person she had just knocked out of the game.  Bobby had entered basic training the same time as Ward had.  They had developed a solid friendship that had only grown stronger once in the field.  They had relied on each other during operations and their handlers were good friends as well. 
They had become his family, the only family he had really known and could count on.  The department had had an easy time with him.  They hadn't even had to start the separation process with him.  He had already distanced himself from what family he had left so to sign on meant getting a family back to him.  Only this time it was with people whom he could count on.  His job had become his family, and he liked it that way. 
The silence of the night swallowed him up as he waited for her to approach the shed.  Bobby had gone back and looked for what clues he could get from Jordan.  What Ward had read from Bobby's mind had almost made him laugh.  Jordan had sat stone-faced on the ground as Bobby walked around him.  Rules of the game and all.  But he had let a little slip from his thoughts and even though it wasn't kosher, Bobby had read it.  When he passed it on to Ward it had been very short and not so sweet, Jordan's pissed.  Ward could imagine.  It was his job to train and he had been the first one down.  Still it hadn't taken her too long to take out Bobby either.  They had only been out here for three hours and she had knocked out two of them.  He wasn't sure what he should be prepared for.  His eyes scanned the area, what he could see of it in the dark.  More importantly his mind looked for any energy signatures that would signal someone approaching.  Even blocked he might be able to pick her out if he tried.  God knew he hadn't been able to get her out of his thoughts since the first time he had seen her.  He had been vulnerable then and he had at first thought it was that.  A month later he had a hard time explaining it to himself as to why he couldn't seem to get her out of his head.  That was why he had set this up.  He was either going to expel the demon or. . .  Suddenly his thoughts were interrupted as he felt his skin begin to warm, his breath quickened, and the cold steal at the back of his neck.
"Nice to meet you Agent Ward."  Her voice brushed across the skin on his neck like a sultry ocean breeze on a tropical island and it set fire to the places it touched on his skin.
"It's good to meet you too," he whispered as he tried to figure out why he was reacting to her like this.  It was poor form for her to put the weapon to his neck.  The shot couldn’t register there and there would be no way to win the game.  Too many scenarios played out in his mind, especially the hand-to-hand combat ones.  He wasn’t sure what her game was but he would be playing along for a while.

"Looks like you're in trouble here," Jan could tell that his heart rate was up, his breathing was faster, and that he wasn’t the only one affected by her being this close.  Her senses were running on overload as well.  She wasn’t naive about men and relationships, short term ones that is, but this man had put her nerve endings on overload since the first time she had seen him.  Now with him this close it was both scary and addictive.  He wasn’t like any other reader she had worked with before.  Then again she hadn’t ever been attracted to any other reader before.  Long-term relationships were strictly taboo in their department, but short term ones were another story and this one might just be worth it.

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