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Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Round Robin Story

This is the straw I have started that I have not finished. I thought it might be fun to post a few snippets here and see where people would like to take it.

Nate retired there almost thirty years ago which made him somewhere near eighty he’d guess. He had a small garden, which Luke helped him water and harvest for the last five years. Over the last few years Nate had needed more and more help from Luke. Nate learn how to ranch, small holding style, and as the years went by Nate turned more to gardening. Over time, Nate had reluctantly accepted more help from Luke as he slowed down in the last few years. 
Luke made a no brainer decision. A five minute walk up the hill to hose off at Nate's and with any luck get a cup of coffee to officially start his day or he could take a twenty minute walk in mud encrusted clothes back to his house where he’d still need to make coffee. Nate's it was and he set off.
As he got closer he noticed the closed curtains. It looked like his cup of coffee may not happen, not a problem if he lost five pounds or so of mud. Nate had gotten a lot slower in the last year and a half. Not that Luke would ever tell him and risk getting a tongue lashing, no he had too much respect for the man. 
The hose lay where he had left it two days ago. He grabbed the hose holding it over his head as he turned the tap. Water burst out full force as he held it above his head pounding down over his face he allowed the water to rush over him. As the cool liquid worked its way under the crust his free hand scrubbed the dirt from his face and rubbed it from his hair, leaving him with a rather wild look as he smiled, eyes closed, to no one. The cold water washed away the work of the morning and felt good, too good as the sun beat down on him. The more the water ran down his body pushing the dirt everywhere he realized he’d get farther if he stripped down. 
The idea of the cool water refreshing his weary muscles too delicious. With a quick glance, and not hearing anything from the house yet he decided to strip down to his boxers. He'd walk home in his boxers if he needed. No one out here to see you. With a renewed zeal he worked to really get rid of the rest of the filth.  
It took only minutes for him to happily peal off the wet shirt and jeans, throwing them in a muddy pile off to the side. Luke knew nothing but ranch work and he was proud of it. His life choices, hard at times, had made him, shaped him, and left him hard, lean, muscled, and a much better man. At a little over thirty he knew more about himself than he did at twenty-five.
As he bathed in the cool water, taking his free hand and stroking down the various parts of his body to brush away the dirt, the hot rays of the sun glistened off his tanned skin and warmed him. The movements of each and every muscle visible under his skin and creating a rippling effect over his hard core. He moved the hose up his body and as the cold water hit his core it reflexively tightened. The water above his head flowed down his body once more as he lifted his face into the spray. The caress of the water encouraged him to again slowly lower the hose down his body teasing his muscles, for one final rinse. 

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