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Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Round Robin Story

This is the straw I have started that I have not finished. I thought it might be fun to post a few snippets here and see where people would like to take it.

He dropped the hose at his feet letting the water pool at his boots as he shook his head and the water droplets flew out in all directions from his thick, brown hair leaving it standing wildly on end. Luke switched off the water and then brushed his hands down his body pushing the excess water down to the band of his boxers. It would take all of five minutes to dry if he did it right. He then bent and wrapped his hands around one leg and then the other stripping the water from each leg. Luke stood up placing his hands on his hips letting his body air dry for a few more minutes before getting ready to leave, fully enjoying the caress of the sun on his tanned skin and the tingle as the water evaporated. He took in a deep breath closing his eyes and turning his face into the sun enjoying the moment and what he considered the best time of the day. 
He heard the sound of the door opening behind him. It mixed in with the chirping birds and the hushed whispers of the wind through the desert brush. Nate must have been up.
"Morning Nate," never turning around, and he didn't even open his eyes, "Hope you don't mind but after that gully washer last night got completely muddied up when I fixed the fence," he paused then stressed the next word, "again."
Emily walked out onto the porch, coffee cup in hand, meaning to enjoy the quiet start of the day before the  temperature made it impossible to go outside. She hadn't expected to see, right there, in front of her Uncle Nate's house, a nearly naked man hosing himself down at the end of the porch. It surprised her even more when she realized she knew this man, Luke, and my how he'd changed. 
She’d had a crush on him six years ago, but this man looked nothing like the younger version of himself. This man had years of work under his belt, if he’d worn one. His sun tanned skin and bleached hair mixed together to make it nearly impossible to look away. She could imagine the clean scent of freshly showered male and it stirred something deep inside her.
Emily'd seen naked men before, not in quite as good shape and so she didn't bother to interrupt him at all. Selfishly, she took a couple of minutes to enjoy the view and sip at her coffee. She took in each and every part of his well chiseled and honed body, a result of all the ranch work, after all she saw almost all of it. His boxers however, even wet and clinging to him, hid the fact that he might have a nice, tight backside. If he'd been a tighty-whitey type of guy then her imagination wouldn't have needed to work so hard. Shame. 

Years of work on the ranch and the sun on his bare skin had agreed with him. Emily regretted not visiting her Uncle Nate for six years now, almost to the day. She remembered her last visit, just finished her sophomore year in college back then and needed some time off. Luke, six years ago, took very little notice of her, dismissing her as a silly young girl that had no experience with life. He couldn't have been more wrong back then but he never took the time to find out. 

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